Other HEX™ Products

Harper Corporation of America is continually looking for new ways to improve the products and services that it offers. The partnership between Harper Corporation of America and MECA & Technology Machine, Inc. only furthers the company's ability to provide clients with best in class equipment and support.

Harper's partnership with MECA will expand the product line associated with the HEX Division. Ultimately, Harper offers MECA products, including plate sleeves, bridges, mandrels, and mechanically-engraved anilox rolls. A company that is devoted to quality, Harper is certain that the high standard to which MECA adheres will support its mission of bringing the best in products and services to clients worldwide. 

MECA & Technology Machine, Inc. is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based manufacturer and engineering provider of engraved rolls, gears, machine components, and plate and anilox sleeves for the packaging and converting industries.

MECA & Technology Machine, Green Bay, WI MECA & Technology Machine, Green Bay, WI

In addition to providing plate sleeves and bridge sleeves, Harper will also offer the following MECA products:

  • Mechanically Engraved Cylinders
  • Print Cylinders
  • VSOP Plate and Blanket Sleeves
  • PCMC Carbon Fiber Mechanical Lockdown Bridge Sleeves
  • Steel/ Carbon Fiber Mandrels

Please make sure to contact us for additional information on any of these products or visit MECA & Technology Machine's website at www.mecagb.com

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