S90 ZAHN Signature Series Dip Viscosity Cup

S90/Zahn Signature Dip Viscosity cups are an improved version of the time honored Zahn Signature viscosity cups.

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S90 ZAHN Signature Series Dip Viscosity Cup S90 ZAHN Signature Series Dip Viscosity Cup
  • Calibration of the S90/Zahn cups match the earlier Zahn Signature cups.
  • Conversion formulas and tables relating cup efflux time in seconds to viscosity in centistokes are identical for both series of cups.
  • S90/Zahn cups qualify for certification under ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 or MIL-STD-45662A, as applicable.
  • S90/Zahn cups are calibrated with standard
  • "G" series oils traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology. "G" series calibration oils are produced in accordance with ISO 9002*.

*NOTE: Efflux time from these cups does not meet ASTM specifications, but tables are available for converting S90/Zahn cup efflux time to EZ™ Zahn cup efflux time which complies with ASTM D 4212.

Certificate of Calibration available at additional charge for all cups.

S90/Zahn Cup Part #Cup #Seconds RangeCentistoke Range
61000.001231 to 6015 to 78
61000.002319 to 6039 to 238
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