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Customers Inform HarperScientific CeramClean II™ Doubles as Stain Remover


Charlotte, N.C., January 26, 2007 - HarperScientific™, the printing and coating supplies division of anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America, loves customer feedback, and learns from its customers every day.

"They're in the trenches, working with our product on the press floor," said Jim Harper, Vice President of HarperScientific. "We love to hear from them about how things are working and learn about the new uses they find for our products."

It turns out that CeramClean II™, the on-press anilox roll cleaner recognized throughout the printing industry for its superior cleaning power, is also an excellent stain remover to supplement cleaning with machine cleaning systems.

"We're hearing that using CeramClean II on tough stains that aren't removed by machine cleaning systems gives our customers a powerful tool to complete the cleaning of their anilox rolls," said Tony Donato, Process & Product Development Engineer at Harper Corporation. "When rolls are cleaned with an ultrasonic unit, in a soak tank, or machine washed, there are times that the roll is not completely cleaned when the cycle is complete. It may be a missed spot, water spots, plugged cells, ink pigment stain, or something similar. When this happens, scrubbing the spot or stain by hand with CeramClean II does the trick. It can be applied with a cloth or scrubbed with the appropriate brush, rinsed and dried. According to our customers, it works like a charm!"

CeramClean II removes water, dried UV-based and solvent-based inks from the cells of anilox rolls without damaging the cell structure. The cleaner removes most tough stains on the roll face, and safely and thoroughly cleans gravure and chrome cylinders. Like all HarperScientific products, CeramClean II includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HarperScientific is also the manufacturer of Ezze-Peel™ peelable protection coating, CeramClean SOLV-IT™ anilox cleaner, a wide variety of flexographic and gravure hand-proofing systems, and DuroSeal™ chamber blade end seals.

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