HarperScientific Launches Innovative Anilox Stain Removing Pad

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HarperScientific Launches Innovative Anilox Stain Removing Pad

Published: 06.01.2012

Charlotte, North Carolina, May 31, 2012—Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America is excited to announce the launch of the X-Cel™ Pad. Developed by the HarperScientific division, the X-Cel™ Pad is the most revolutionary way to remove stains from an anilox surface.

The advantage of this product lies in its performance. Developed to micro scrub the anilox surface and release the stain from the ceramic, the X-Cel™ Pad is typically used with water or solvent.

“We have found the X-Cel™ Pad enhances the cleaning power of anilox chemicals and assists in breaking down the bond between the stain and the ceramic,” says Josh Kiser of the Harper GraphicSolutions team.

Printers will find the X-Cel™ Pad to be easy to use with cleaners like Ceram-Clean-II™. Furthermore, it easily removes both surface stains and blemishes on ceramic.

The X-Cel™ Pad is another example of HarperScientific’s commitment to developing products for its customers that will increase pressroom efficiency.

For more information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371, ext. 4292, or jkluttz@harperimage.com. 

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