Green Manufacturing

Manufacturer of Anilox Rollers for Flexographic Printers

Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing

Our Goal: Environmental Sustainability.


For Harper Corporation, “Going Green” means doing what’s right to protect resources and the planet for future generations. To achieve that end, we continually implement new ways to lower energy usage, cut waste, reduce packaging, conserve resources, and decrease emissions to keep the air and environment clean. Our goal is to eliminate land fill wastes and this will take some creative thinking and specific programs:

We have implemented recycling programs for office papers, magazines and newsprint, drink containers, plastic film and wrap, and we’re adding additional waste streams programs when possible. 

We adopted a four-day work week to lower our employees’ commute miles by 20%, thereby contributing to improvement of our nation's, and local air quality. In production processes, we have developed programs of responsible manufacturing to prevent pollution,save energy and reduce the use of raw materials:


    •  As long as 15 years ago, Harper Corporation realized by eliminating chrome plated anilox rollers we would make a positive impact on the local environment and reduce our non sanitary water waste to zero. To achieve that goal, we quickly phased chrome plated rolls out of our product line.


    •  We handle all industrial waste responsibly, and implement “best available technology”.


    •  We strive to help our customers get the most reconditions from their bases and sleeves. In addition, all scrapped rollers and sleeves are sent to metal recyclers.


    •  We recapture and recycle all metal wastes from manufacturing including powder, turnings (shavings),wires and consumable parts.Finally, the products we sell to sustain anilox roll life are biodegradable, using chemistry with reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rates. We are focusing resources and research to develop new lines of cleaners that are 100% green.



Mecklenburg County Air Quality (MCAQ) recognizes Harper Corporation of America at 111625 Steele Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28273  USA for ongoing Air Compliance Excellence with one of the ACE awards. These awards are designed to highlight local industry 's efforts in achieving compliance with their air quality permits, thereby helping to reduce pollution and improve local air quality. Click here to view the ACE Award Certificate



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