Easy Repair for Roll Face End Chips. Developed to Maximize Your Anilox Investment!

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ChipFix™ ChipFix™
Easy Repair for Roll<br />Face End Chips (4oz Tube) Easy Repair for Roll
Face End Chips (4oz Tube)

ChipFix™ saves you time and money by allowing repair of your chipped anilox roll in-house. If chipped ends are
not repaired, they can introduce large particles of ceramic and/or doctor blade material into your process, and these can contribute to score lines.  (For more information, request Harper’s Anilox Scoring Prevention Guide.)


- Temporarily repairs chipped ends on ceramic anilox rolls quickly and easily.
- Keep in mind these repairs may come loose with improper application or cleaning.
- Easy application right from the tube – No mixing.
- Dries in 5-10 minutes (without 24-hour set-up necessary for similar products)
- Minimizes ink slinging to help reduce your ink waste.
- Assists in reduction of end seal wear on enclosed doctor blade systems.
- Helps prevent further chipping of your ceramic anilox roll ends.

Easy To Follow Instructions:

- Thoroughly clean area to be patched.
- Cut estimated amount of patch needed from ChipFix ™ tube.
- Twist and knead the ceramic patch between your fingers until soft and pliable.
- Apply ChipFix™ to chipped area and let stand for 5-10 minutes.
- Smooth patched area with 600 grit sand paper.

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