XLT™ Anilox Roll

XLT™ Anilox Roll

The XLT™ digital technology was developed for precisely transferring thin ink films with micron accuracy.  We recommend and guarantee that when you work with the strongest, thinnest film of ink, you will get the best ink mileage, best print quality, easiest impression set-up, and you'll get it at the most consistent levels possible.

XLT™  Anilox Roll  XLT™ Anilox Roll 
XLT Anilox Technology
800 ls/2.09 bcm

Echotopography Digital Volumes
EDV’s are the digital engraving calibration measurements used for setting up every anilox. It measures the cubic
microns per inch carrying capacity of the anilox engraving, as measured in Billions - or expressed as Billions Cubic Microns (BCM). XLT™ surfaces are manufactured using EDV, providing the most accurate digital transfer volumes
in the world.

Print Quality
Harper has taken great pride in ensuring every customer experiences ‘print quality’ improvements as a result of delivering excellence in its products and services. Experience greater peace of mind with the fairest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

XLT™ Technical Specifications
Below are technical specifications for your XLT™ anilox rolls:
- Low porosity <1%                               - RA < 3 prior to engraving

XLT™ Technology Applications
XLT™ anilox rolls are the best choice for the following applications:

  • Process Printing
  • Combination Solids & Screens
  • PMS & Solid Colors
  • Whites
  • Expanded Gamut
  • High Resolution


Also Available - XLT™ Esko HD Flexo

ESKO Certified

XLT - 60° - High End Anilox

Line Screen Range: 900cpi to 1600cpi


These range of engravings have been ESKO Certified for use with the latest proprietary ESKO prepress software. Combining the precision of the Anilox Roll design and the prepress technology results in high end graphic fidelity. The benefits of combining the technologies include; superior ink release, consistent printability, and exceptional print quality. The certified anilox engravings range from 900cpi to 1600cpi and are applicable to the Narrow Web and Wide Web markets.

Click here to view our Esko Artwork HD Flexo Certified Vendor Certificate


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