Walking Seminar

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Walking Seminar

Harper Corporation of America offers the world’s one and only WalkingSeminar™, a customized technical session on anilox technology where customers can get solutions to specific problems and a tour of a state-of-the-art Harper manufacturing facility. Our Advanced Surface Technologies Center is the world's most modern and unique anilox roll engraving facilty. It features the latest technology in computerized plasma flame-spray and laser engraving equipment.

WalkingSeminars™ are offered at the following Harper manufacturing locations: Charlotte, NC and DePere, WI. You may schedule a facilities tour and technical session at any time. Participation in a Harper WalkingSeminar™ is always free of charge. Attire is casual.

Walking Seminar

Only one company is scheduled at a time:

Your organization can bring as few as 1 or 2 people, or as many as 30. When a larger group comes in, our instructors typically work with a maximum of 6 people. There may be as many as 5 groups involved simultaneously. All sessions are completely confidential.

Walking Seminar Harper

Questions and Answers:

You will be given the opportunity to view the manufacturing facilty, speak directly with production operators about their particular manufacturing function and their contributions to the "finished product" - your anilox roll.


Program ABC

Companies can design their own program agendas to address their specific concerns or choose from our three unique programs. Training takes place in our Charlotte, NC and DePere, WI facilities or our experts can be brought to your plant.

Anilox Training

Program A: Anilox Basics

This program includes basic information on flexography, anilox roll cell structure and function, the care and maintenance of anilox rolls, and our “XLT™” anilox roll technology.

Program B:Advanced Anilox Technology

This programs includes a more in-depth look at flexography and the anilox roll’s relationship to this advancing industry, the care and maintenance of anilox rolls (presented by the HarperScientific™ team), other valuable components of the Flexo system and their relationship to quality graphic reproduction (i.e., inks, doctor blade, rubber rolls, plates and substrates), and banded roll testing and analysis.

Program C: Customer’s Choice

Design your own program agenda. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • XLT™ Technology
  • Anilox Roll Design
  • Sharper System™
  • Step-Up Program™
  • Roll Auditing
  • Partnership of the Customer
  • And many, many more...

Anilox Training

Possible alternate opener or one that defines the team:

Implementing The SHarper System™ in your facility will help you achieve and maintain the Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances (FIRST).* The GraphicSolutions Team will teach you “by the numbers” systems to help you track your results with support every step of the way.

Benefits of The SHarper System™

  • More consistent flexo printing, press to press and plant to plant.
  • Higher quality flexo results that compete with gravure and litho.
  • A consistent method of communication and control to assist buyers in orders and specifications.
  • Finely-tuned production capabilities that open new markets.

Implementing XLT

Using thinner ink films at ratios of higher cells per inch results in sharper graphics and better tone distribution. Additional benefits include cleaner vignettes and the ability to print solids and tones on the same plates. To determine which choice of anilox engraving will produce your best print density, print contrast, and dot gain, we recommend conducting a Banded Roll Trial.

WalkingSeminar™ Feedback

" I was impressed with the tour and information provided. Thank you!"

" Great itemized tour of your manufacturing process and capabilities!"

" Excellent tour & demonstration. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. All questions were answered clearly"

"Courteous, knowledgeable, employees and host. Good overview of process. Well worth our time & effort”

"Everything was well presented & all employees were helpful & friendly. Everything was excellent!”

Harper WalkingSeminar™

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