Harper Corporation Exhibits at PLGA - Durable ceramic rolls a natural fit for gravure applications

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Harper Corporation Exhibits at PLGA - Durable ceramic rolls a natural fit for gravure applications


Published: 03.25.2009

Charlotte, N.C., March 25, 2009 - Global anilox supplier Harper Corporation of America is a flexo vanguard, recognized universally for its uniquely high product quality, as well as its leadership in advancing the industry's technology for more than 30 years.

However, it is not the flexo industry alone that can benefit from Harper's superior technology, according to Alexander James, Technical Graphics Manager at Harper GraphicSolutions™, and Tony Donato, Product Development Engineer at Harper Corporation. For instance, gravure printers can use specially prepared and polished anilox rollers as gravure cylinders to apply tints, primers, over varnishes, coatings and in the laminating process. Harper now offers an XDI line of graphically prepared image cylinders laser engraved in ceramic.

This month, Mr. James and Mr. Donato represented Harper at PLGA Global, the Packaging and Label Gravure Association's Global Operational Conference in Miami, Fla.

"We displayed examples of our laser engravings that are absolutely ideal for direct gravure printing," said Donato. "Our display sleeve has three different families of laser engraving in our ceramic: The XLT 60 Degree engravings, which are used in gravure applications for solid, continuous color or background printing; An XLT 30 Degree channel roll that is terrific for whites and high viscosity inks; The XDI Extreme Digital Image engraving, which is excellent for patterns, product gravure "images" and/or one- and two-color gravure printing; And the LaserKote engravings for gravure overcoats in varnish and UV."

"The XDI engravings can be created from digital halftone files, digital patterns or logos," added James. "Harper's expertise in ceramic application, laser engraving and post-engraving finishing is what allows us to produce 'ceramic' gravure cylinders." He continued, "Our ceramic will outlast a conventional chrome roller by as much as 10 times! In this economy, that ROI is really appreciated."

The Harper tabletop exhibit also included information about HarperScientific™ cleaners and pressroom supplies appropriate for gravure.

For further information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371 or [email protected].

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