Harper Corporation of America Releases Upgraded Harper Anilox Support App

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Harper Corporation of America Releases Upgraded Harper Anilox Support App


Published: 04.24.2016

Charlotte, North Carolina, April 25, 2016—Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America is excited to announce that it has released an upgraded version of its free Harper Anilox Support App to better assist flexographic press operators with improved care and maintenance of anilox rolls.

The app offers a variety of support features including a troubleshooting guide, 10 tips for anilox roll maintenance, 10 tips for anilox sleeve maintenance, and a HarperScientific™ cleaner cross reference guide. Other helpful tools include a strobe light, level, and access to Harper’s website. In addition, users will find contact information for support in Wide Web and Narrow Web Sales, Technical, and Customer Service by location.

The Harper Anilox Support App provides users with a go-to resource when they encounter unfamiliar problems or issues they are unable to resolve. Should they need further assistance, contact information for a variety of departments is easily accessible through the app.

Harper Corporation of America is proud to offer improved support features for clients and encourages users to download the free app through the Apple iTunes store. For more information, visit www.harperimage.com/AniloxRolls/Information-Center/Harper-App.

For more information, please contact Jazmin Siancas at 704-588-3371, ext. 4292, or [email protected]

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