HarperScientific Promotes Environmentally-Friendly Packaging of CeramClean II™

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HarperScientific Promotes Environmentally-Friendly Packaging of CeramClean II™


Published: 01.11.2012

Charlotte, North Carolina, January 10, 2012—HarperScientific, a division of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation, has recently made CeramClean II available in a more environmentally-friendly one gallon tub.

CeramClean II is an anilox roll cleaner designed to remove water-based, solvent, and UV inks. Additionally, the cleaner can remove stains and target specific contaminants that machine cleaners leave behind. Safe for gravure and chrome cylinders, CeramClean II is available in three formulas: original, paste, and pourable.

To date, CeramClean II has been offered in two packs, eight packs, five gallon containers, and drums. The addition of a one gallon tub option will allow HarperScientific's green-minded customers to purchase the same amount of cleaner as provided by the eight pack, with less packaging. The new one gallon option reduces the packaging materials and decreases the overall weight of the product by 10 percent.

Customers who purchase the one gallon tub, rather than the eight pack, will enjoy a reduction in shipping weight and disposal displacement (due to the fact that the product is contained in one package, rather than eight). Additionally, HarperScientific is offering an 11 percent price reduction on the one gallon tub to promote its use in creating a greener work environment. The tub features an open top design and easily resealed lid, allowing for ease of use. 

For additional information or to place an order, please contact us at 866-588-8686 Toll Free, US & Canada, 704-588-3371, Local & Intl or visit our webpage at http://www.harperimage.com/HarperScientific/Ceram-Clean-ll/product-10

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