New Long-Life Plastic-Handled Brushes Now Available From HarperScientificâ„¢

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New Long-Life Plastic-Handled Brushes Now Available From HarperScientificâ„¢


Published: 03.03.2010

Charlotte, N.C., March 3, 2010 – HarperScientific™, the printing and coating supplies division of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America, has developed a practical solution to premature breakage of wood-handled pressroom brushes: longer-life plastic handles.

Anilox roll scrub brushes are among the most frequently used tools in a press operator’s tool kit. But traditional brushes are made with wooden handles that are prone to swelling and early breaking if left in water for long periods and not thoroughly dried.

HarperScientific™ Duro-Brush anilox cleaning brushes are designed with tapered,   extended life plastic handles that resist the impact of water and pressroom chemicals. Their  bristles provide improved agitation of dried ink in cell bottoms.

New brushes with stainless steel bristles are recommended for cleaning only ceramic anilox rollers. Brushes with brass bristles work best on chrome anilox rollers.

“Our plastic handled brushes offer the anilox market a cleaning solution that is better than the status quo in performance, service life and cost effectiveness and in a small way helps move the anilox industry forward,” said Tony Donato, Product Development Engineer at Harper.

For further information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371 or [email protected]

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