OMET Seminar Gets Basics of Anilox Engraving and Cleaning from Harper Experts

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OMET Seminar Gets Basics of Anilox Engraving and Cleaning from Harper Experts


Published: 10.17.2009

Charlotte, N.C., October 17, 2009 - Basic anilox engraving, better ink control and proper maintenance and cleaning of rollers were points of emphasis when representatives of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America addressed the recent OMET seminar at Clemson.

Alex James, Harper GraphicSolutions™ Technical Graphics Manager and Tony Donato, Product Development Engineer at Harper Corporation, provided a Power Point presentation and answered many questions during the two-day event.

During the first day, James highlighted the basics of anilox engraving, touching on such issues as ink volume, proper cell selection, anilox roll standardization and enhanced techniques for more consistent color.

In his address, Donato stressed the importance of keeping rollers properly cleaned and stored. An essential part, he said, is using the right cleaner for the material of the base and ink systems. He suggested printers might consider designating an anilox person who would be responsible for monitoring roller conditions and using a scope to spot the difference between clean and ink -plugged cells.

Also, the Harper representatives performed a variety of demonstrations and answered questions on specific anilox and proofing issues.

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