Harper Corporation of America Position Statement

Harper Corporation of America Position Statement 

Chemical Cleaning of Anilox Rolls

Harper Corporation of America is a customer-oriented custom manufacturer of aniloxes.  We strive to meet customer needs for many specialty applications and often that requires special corrosion protection.  We have found through the years that there is no one solution for every corrosion condition; but we have always found a solution.  At Harper Corporation of America, we work to supply our customers with aniloxes that can withstand chemical attack as long as possible.  We work from standard designs for both journal and sleeve aniloxes; but we also have numerous modifications, bonds, builds and engineering marvels that often suit the specific needs of clients. 

We also have a technical support team to help customers minimize risk of chemical attack to aniloxes through training, cleaner selection, cleaning techniques and rinse procedures.  We strive to define aggravating environmental factors of exposure, dilution and temperature, and so customers can get them under control.  All we require is cooperation and a willingness to try.  When customers supply us the information, we can formulate the best possible solutions. 

Certain cases may require more than one design to refine the best solution and some investment by the customer, but we will get the best combination and the most chemical resistance possible.  We are here for our customers at Harper Corporation of America. That’s what we do. 

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to call Harper Corporation of America at (704) 588-3371 (USA & International) or (800) 438-3111 (Toll Free - Local & USA Only).

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