Harper Corporation of America Completes Successful Technical Meetings

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Harper Corporation of America Completes Successful Technical Meetings

Published: 07.30.2017

Charlotte, North Carolina, July 31, 2017—Harper Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of their annual Technical Meetings at their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC. These meetings are part of Harper's strategic plan to support their customers with dedicated technical service and support. Each Harper Technical Service Representative throughout North and South America was in attendance and trained in all aspects of anilox technology. Sean Teufler, Harper's Technical Director, led the sessions and provided valuable input on anilox specifications, new engraving technologies, banded roll trials, coating applications, and the protection of anilox rolls through proper care and maintenance.

According to Alan Rogers, Vice President of Sales, these meetings are Harper’s way of educating technical personnel on the latest advancements in the industry and keeping abreast of growing trends in flexographic printing. This team of technical representatives is known as the Harper GraphicSolutions Division and represents over 250 years of combined printing experience. This is important as Harper is the only anilox manufacturer with a dedicated technical team of this nature which provides valuable support to Harper customers.

A highlight of the meeting was the session on volume measurement. Josh Kiser, Product Manager for HarperScientific, provided an in-depth presentation on the different anilox volume measurement tools, and the challenges customers face when investing in scope technology. Tony Donato, Harper's Product Development Engineer, concluded the sessions with detailed information on anilox sleeves.

For more information, please contact Jazmin Siancas at 704-588-3371, ext. 4292, or [email protected]

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