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HarperScientific Produces Cylinder Wrack™ Custom Plate Cylinder Storage System

Published: 08.01.2012

Charlotte, North Carolina, August 1, 2012—HarperScientific division of global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America announces its first rack to store plate cylinders for Mark Andy’s P-Series presses. Because of the unique plate cylinders of the P-Series presses, HarperScientific designed its Cylinder Wrack™ to provide a storage solution that is equally distinct. The first unit delivered exceeded customer expectations.

The plate cylinder design of the Mark Andy P-Series presses integrates the shaft and bearings into the cylinder assembly. The P-Series cylinders have bearer discs on each end of the shaft. For this reason, they do not fit into any traditional storage solutions. HarperScientific's Cylinder Wrack™ utilizes the space between the bearer and cylinder and opposite bearer and gear to support these cylinders horizontally.

The Cylinder Wrack™ comprises of 21 storage trays, which are arranged in three columns of seven trays. Each tray is padded at the ends and has a cam action to lower the front when desired, to ensure easy unloading. When fully loaded, the Cylinder Wrack™ can hold between 126 and 168 cylinders, depending upon their repeat. To improve the effectiveness of this storage solution, HarperScientific's product development experts put the Cylinder Wrack™ on heavy duty casters, allowing customers to easily move the system to enhance workflow.   

Paul Teachout, Harper’s Technical/OEM Account Manager, believes the Cylinder Wrack™ provides the convenience, quality, and efficiency that Harper Corporation's customers have come to expect.

"The Cylinder Wrack™ is easy to load and unload," states Teachout. "It also allows the printer the flexibility to group the like repeats and jobs." 

For more information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371, ext. 4292, or jkluttz@harperimage.com

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