HarperScientific Releases Enhanced Version of SleeveWrak™

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HarperScientific Releases Enhanced Version of SleeveWrak™

Published: 09.28.2011

Charlotte, North Carolina, September 28, 2011— Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation’s HarperScientific has released its latest version of its SleeveWrak™.

This enhanced product builds on previous designs, and the newest SleeveWrak™ can hold up to 70 sleeves. Built with three layers, each capable of storing 20 to 26 sleeves individually, this system provides users with the ability to adjust the sleeve guides. The guides can be spaced as needed to accommodate different repeat print sleeves or can be evenly spaced to store Anilox sleeves. Unit pictured is set-up for 66 sleeves.

In addition on being a flexible narrow web sleeve storage system, the SleeveWrak™ is also compact enough to be integrated into the workflow of any shop. At 30” by 80” and set on castors, the rack can be easily maneuvered. Additionally, the decks are padded with rubber to prevent chipping on the edges of the Anilox sleeves that are stored.

“This configuration of SleeveWrak™ will give Harper Corporation’s customers the ability to store their sleeves to enhance their workflow,” commented Tony Donato, the Product Development Engineer for Harper Corporation of America. “Because the product is easy to move and provides a great deal of flexibility, it will quickly become an important element in the flexographic process for its users.”

This version of SleeveWrak™ is ideal for sleeve presses, such as the Gallus EM340S, EM410S, and EM510S, as well as the Nilpeter FA series of presses.     

For further information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371 or [email protected].

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