The XDI™ offers gravure printers the performance, savings and longevity of a ceramic anilox roll. With our proprietary processes, we can burn digital data, patterns, line/shape patterns, logos, graphics and tonal dots of almost any conceivable shape.  These patterns and images of high accuracy and predictability can be measured in microns. Our ceramic surface allows for forward or reverse metering and up to 10 times the life over chrome.

Harper Corp XDI™ Technology Harper Corp XDI™ Technology

Echotopography Digital Volumes
EDV’s are the digital engraving calibration measurements used for setting up every cylinder. It measures all line widths, depths, cubic microns per inch and the carrying capacity of the gravure engravings. These gravure engravings are measured in Billions Cubic Microns (BCM). All XDI™ surfaces are manufactured using EDV,  providing the most accurate digital transfer volumes in the world.

Print Quality
Harper has taken great pride in ensuring every customer experiences ‘print quality’ improvements as a result of delivering excellence in its products and services. Experience greater peace of mind with the fairest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

XDI™ Technology Applications
- XDI™ cylinders are the best choice for the following applications:
- One and two color long running jobs
- Compatible with UV, water and solvent based inks   
- Abrasive pigments such as white, metallic, fluorescent and iridescent ink applications
- Ability to control the distribution of large pigments with minimal wear      
- Text down to 3pt                - Pattern imaging           - Cold Seal applications        
- Printed Electronics             - Conductive Inks   

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