Harper Corporation Donates Anilox Rolls to Technical College, Promotes Flexographic Education

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Harper Corporation Donates Anilox Rolls to Technical College, Promotes Flexographic Education

Published: 02.13.2012

Charlotte, North Carolina, February 13, 2012—In an effort to support educational flexographic initiatives, global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation has announced the donation of 10 anilox rolls to Fox Valley Technical College.

Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, Fox Valley Technical College offers a program in package and label printing. Through this program, which awards graduates a technical diploma, students learn to work within the flexographic industry. Students enrolled in this program learn to design artwork for use with printing applications, create printing plates, mount and proof these plates, and accurately prepare, utilize, and clean printing presses. Furthermore, students learn to maintain industry-specific documentation, create and color match ink, and work both independently and within groups to meet deadlines and produce quality deliverables.

Harper Corporation of America is proud to donate 10 anilox rolls to this program, which is a valuable educational resource to the flexographic community. Mark Keller, a member of the Package and Label Printing Department at Fox Valley Technical College, stated, "Thank you, Harper, for your donation of anilox rolls. Staff and students appreciate Harper's continued involvement and support for Fox Valley."

The anilox rolls will be running on a Mark Andy P3 press during narrow web classes and a number of economic development trials, allowing students to gain the hands-on experience they need to thrive in their future careers. By accumulating practical flexographic experience while in school, students will be able to immediately create a positive impact on the organizations they will work for after earning their diplomas.

 For more information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371, ext. 4292, or [email protected]

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