Harper Introducing Motor Driven Phantom QD Proofer At LabelExpo

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Harper Introducing Motor Driven Phantom QD Proofer At LabelExpo

Published: 09.09.2010

Charlotte, NC, September 9, 2010 – A motorized version of the patent pending Phantom QD™ proofing system developed by HarperScientific, division of global anilox supplier Harper Corporation will make its debut at Harper Booth 401 during LabelExpo.

The new Phantom QD™ Motorized unit is the latest addition to Harper’s breakthrough family of quick drawndown proofers – the first in the industry with complete portability and utility-free operation. 

Tony Donato, Harper Product Development Engineer, said the motorized Phantom QD™ unit features a variable speed from 100 to 400 inches per minute and 110-volt power capability. Harper is offering the motorized option on its 800mm table length Phantom QD™.

All Harper QD systems maintain a constant loading pressure between the proofer and the substrate, according to Donato. By adding a motor to drive the proofer over the table length, Harper now has successfully eliminated another process variable.

“This advanced option represents Harper’s intention to make the Phantom QD™ proofing system the most versatile tool in the ink room,” Donato said. All models provide a linearly guided table, a magnetic-loaded doctor blade, quick-change anilox roller and superior repeatability.    

Phantom models are available in a traditional format for water- based and solvent inks where rollers are engraved at a 60-degree hex angle and in a viscous format that is an ideal for thick and metallic inks where rollers are engraved at a 30-degree hex angle.

For further information, please contact Jazmin Kluttz at 704-588-3371 or [email protected]

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