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Pioneers of the patented "Echocel Junior " precision hand proofer, HarperScientific was instrumental in developing a simulation of the printing press by manufacturing proofers with laser-engraved ceramic anilox rolls with doctor blade metering. This technology enables the user to draw down the exact color with a hand-held instrument. Since the invention of the "Junior™", we have also developed the Phantom™ and QD hand proofers, which both offer many benefits with great results.

HarperScientific specializes in flexographic and gravure hand-proofing systems for water, solvent and UV systems, which incorporate XLT™ laser-engraved ceramic anilox rolls with doctor blades. These hand proofers include anilox volume ranges of 1.3 - 20.0 BCM, as well as both 60- and 30-degree hexagonal engraving. They also are available with single and banded anilox rolls.

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