QD™ Proofing System

QD™ Proofing System

The QD™ Proofing System is the very first system that is fully portable and utility free so it is not locked in the ink room. Carry it to the press and dial in your ink!

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QD™ Proofing System - Patent # 8,783,180 QD™ Proofing System - Patent # 8,783,180
The Ultimate Proofer<br />to Increase<br />PressRoom Efficiency! The Ultimate Proofer
to Increase
PressRoom Efficiency!

Here is how it works:

  • Simply clip the substrate to the QD™ table.
  • Position the roller bearing guided carriage at the start position, tilt load the proofing handle assembly in the quick alignment clamps
  • Easily add your ink of choice between the anilox and doctor blade and draw down consistent proofs without variations in operator loading pressure!

Spare Parts

Need replacement or spare parts for the QD™ proofer? You must contact Harper to order this product through one of these alternative methods:

  • Call (800) 438-3111 US/Canada or (704) 588-3371 International.
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Fax at (704) 588-3819

Exclusive Features

  • Constant press loading!
  • Portable: No utilities needed!
  • Magnetic loaded Doctor Blade!
  • Hard Coating on all surfaces!
  • Quick Change Anilox Rollers!
  • Stacked Anilox to Rubber Roller!
  • Solid handle without spring!
  • Snap in Blade Holder!
  • It features a snap and a magnetic loaded doctor blade.
  • Easy changing of Anilox Rollers.
  • Interchangeable Anilox and Rubber Rolls.


QD™  (Flexo) Proofer & Short Manual Table Kit        Part # 83110.001

QD™ (Flexo) Proofer & Long Manual Table Kit          Part # 83111.001

QD™ (Flexo) Proofer & Short Motorized Table Kit (Electric)     Part # 83110.110

QD™ (Flexo) Proofer & Long Motorized Table Kit (Electric)     Part # 83115.001


Standard Single Line Screen Rolls:

 Line ScreenVolumeLine ScreenVolume

Standard Banded Line Screen Rolls:

 Line ScreenVolumeLine ScreenVolume

QD Motorized Table:

In an effort to make the QD system HarperScientific's patented ink proofing system the most versitale tool in the inkroom a variable speed traversing system is now availble. All QD systems have a constant loading pressure between the proofer and the substrate and now a motor will drive the proofer over the table length eliminating another process variable. The motorized option has variable speed from 15 to 400 inches per minute and features a universal power supply. Please call us for pricing information.

Multi Process Flatbed Printing System:

The QD can be configured with a number of different printing process heads. The flexo head have additional options and the Gravure heads will be supplied with Harper's exclusive XDI anilox rolls laser engraved to your design. Some of the print handles available include the QD Flexo handle, the Flexo Print Head, QD Direct Gravure and the QD Offset Gravure. Please click here to view all options available.


In order to keep your Harper proofer system functioning at peak performance, Harper Corporation of America strongly recommends a periodic preventative maintenance program to inspect all parts and determine if your proofer system requires replacement of any parts showing signs of wear and tear due to normal use. Other general repairs and/or proofer adjustments may be required to keep the proofing equipment functioning properly. Click here to learn more.


QD Proofing System Testimonial:

"The QD proofer has been a welcomed addition to our lab application equipment.  Its ease of use is only surpassed by the QD's ability to repeatedly offer consistent samples.  Customer Service was great in helping us perfect this unit for our needs.  Would highly recommend Harper and the QD!" - Scott Breeden/ Henkel Technologies.


The GEW UV Curing Mini Laboratory Unit:

The GEW mini laboratory unit will help maximize the number of ink draw downs per shift helping the ink room to deliver press ready inks to the press room on time day after day.

The combination of Harper ink proofers with GEW's UV unit will increase the productivity of the UV ink techs.

View Product Specification Flyer under Literature Tab for additional information.

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