LaserKote™ is an ultra-hard, laser engraved, chrome oxide ceramic roll or sleeve designed for application of laminations, flood varnishes, color coatings, adhesives, silicone release coatings, blister card coatings and specialty coats. LaserKote™ rolls come in a variety of cell patterns for thick and thin coatings and deliver advantages over chrome, including resistance  to corrosion and damage.SPECIAL GRAVURE POLISH REQUIRED.

LaserKote™ Engraved Ceramic Roll LaserKote™ Engraved Ceramic Roll
Micron Accuracy

Micron Accuracy

The recommended LaserKote™ cell pattern for thin film coatings is the 60° hexagon, pioneered by Harper in the early 1990’s. When compared with chrome, the 60° hexagon LaserKote™ roll offers thin walls, wider cell openings and bowl shaped cells that hold 15% more cells per square inch than 45° engravings.

More cells per inch delivers comparable coating weight with shallower cell depths, and results in more uniform coating films. The shallow cells minimize volume loss and clean-up. 60º cells offer consistent, thinner coatings, and ultimately, less waste in your process. 

Thin film coatings require cell volumes ranging from 0.7 to 12.5 BCM’s, with screen counts from 120 to 800 cells to the linear inch.  TRIHELICAL and QUAD shaped engravings with 45° cell angles are the recommended LaserKote™ cell patterns for thick film coatings. We polish these coarse screen rolls after engraving, to smooth out inherently rough cell walls caused by high cell volumes.

Thick film coatings require cell volumes ranging from 12.5 to 50 BCM’s, with engraving screen counts from 30 to 200 cells to the linear inch.  When manufacturing coarse screen engravings, primary quality parameters are precise cell volumes to deliver exact coating weight or thickness and smooth cell walls to promote extended blade life and high line speeds.

Once the decision is made to use LaserKote™ rolls for your coatings and laminations If you are interested in specifying a LaserKote™ roll for your next coating/lamination project, we will design the perfect, unique roll for your specific application. Call us at 800-438-3111. We will send you our LaserKote™ worksheet. With a completed worksheet we will guarantee the coating weight delivery of your LaserKote™ roll.

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