XLT™ Anilox Roll

Precision Anilox Roll designed for optimum ink release, the XLT™ (Xtreme Laser Technology) has an anilox surface that is laser engraved to reduce cell wall porosity, and strengthened by its ceramic subsurface. The benefits of its technology include: exceptional print quality, improved consistency, optimized cell profiles, higher line screen definition (up to 3500 per linear inch), greater volume and more volume and definition combination's.

XLT™ Anilox Roll  XLT™ Anilox Roll 
XLT Anilox Technology
800 ls/2.09 bcm

Micron Accuracy

XLT™ digital technology was developed for precisely transferring thin ink films with micron accuracy. We recommend and guarantee that when you work with the strongest, thinnest films of ink you can buy, while also accounting for the functional properties needed in its final use, you will get the best ink mileage, best print quality, easiest impression set-up, and you'll get it at the most consistent levels possible.

For best results, choose the lowest possible volume (thinnest ink films) needed to achieve color and match with highest XLT™ line screen (XVR™ in certain situations). Contact Harper Technical Service regarding any questions. 

XLT™ (Xtreme Laser Technology) Anilox and Coating Roll System, digital transfer technology, is now in operation at our manufacturing facilities around the globe: Charlotte, NC; DePere, WI and Bangkok, Thailand.

The new XLT™ anilox rolls are now available to customers worldwide, and, the company backs the product with a guarantee in writing that customers will be 100% satisfied with the new rolls' print quality. Harper has invested over $5.3 million in the development and installation of its exclusive XLT™ laser technology. In addition, this has paved the way for a new product, known as XVR™, which is indicating strong promise in the marketplace for combination printing. 

Harper Is Scientific

The anilox roll is widely known as the heart of the flexographic press, and Harper is very proud to announce our continuing development of new anilox manufacturing technology. To someone on the outside looking in over the past two or three years, the anilox roll may have seemed a dormant part of the flexographic industry. However, Harper has been very busy behind the scenes developing further advancements to take the manufacturing of anilox rolls to a whole new echelon.

The technology of manufacturing an anilox today as compared to 5 years ago  is not the same. Our customers today are under more demand for consistency, repeatability and tighter tolerances. Everything is measured in the printing world, including ink viscosity, dot gain, density, feeds, speeds, waste, etc. With that in mind, Harper has taken the same systematic approach in the manufacturing of anilox rolls.

Harper has made major investments and committed a massive amount of time and focus in order to scientifically measure every step in the process of manufacturing an anilox roll.  A major part of Harper’s investments has come in the form of new technology, equipment, software develop-ment  and instrument purchases to scientifically measure our processes in a constant effort to maintain consistency. Click here to download PDF and continue reading.

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