Team Certification
Level III - FIRST Implementation Specialists

Level III - FIRST Implementation Specialists

Harper Technical Services™ is the technical Division of Harper Corporation of America. Our seasoned technicians are certified Level III - FIRST Implementation Specialists. The combined years of experience exceeds 120 years – Harper is proud to provide the Flexographic Industry the highly qualified and experience technical team. Our technicians can assist in any Flexographic related challenges and stand ready to provide the following value add services;

• Anilox Care and Maintenance Seminars.

• Banded Roll recommendations and layouts.

• Answer any technical questions for print or process improvements.

• Assist in Graphic Team Meetings for Banded Roll & Printing Trials.

• Make recommendations to address your print related challenges.

• Make recommendation for specific coating application needs and targets.

Our technicians can be contracted to provide additional process and efficiency improvements. Here are a few examples of some programs we offer. We do customize our technical services.


• Press Room Management™

• Color Management™

• Anilox Management™   

• Operational Audit™



Our Technical Services Team is a great resource and are available to assist you at any level.

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