The SHarper System

The SHarper System™

The SHarper System™


The SHarper System™ is available exclusively from Harper Corporation of America to help flexo printers and converters achieve unprecedented levels of consistency, quality and profitability. The system uses technology, measurements, and operations to achieve control over printing variables. Implementing seven key elements that make up the SHarper System™ lowers costs while delivering higher quality and predictable results that can open capabilities to new markets.

Optimize Your Printing Variables "By The Numbers"

The SHarper System™ is a comprehensive system that enables flexographers to achieve unprecedented consistency and control by using key measurements to optimize printing variables.

Implementing The SHarper System™ in your facility will help you achieve and maintain the Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications and Tolerances (FIRST).

Seven Key Elements of The SHarper System™

  1. XLT™Anilox Technology
  2. Scientific Anilox Selection
  3. Thinner Ink Film Printing
  4. Use of “Snapshot” to Provide and Track Key Information
  5. Targets for Quality Control
  6. Printing by The Numbers
  7. Developing and Implementing a Continuous Improvement Plan

Benefits of The SHarper System™

  • More consistent flexo printing, press to press and plant to plant.
  • Higher quality flexo results that compete with gravure and litho.
  • A consistent method of communication and control to assist buyers in orders and specifications.
  • Finely-tuned production capabilities that open new markets.

NOTE: To experience the benefits or request a free copy of the brochure, call 800-438-3111.

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