Harper GraphicSolutions Testimonials
Mike Collier - Corporate Printing Manager, Solo Cup Company
"We have noticed a dramatic improvement at our Chicago operation in our overall reduction of make-ready times from a direct result of the Verification Program, implemented by Harper GraphicSolutionsT Midwest Technical Advisor, Mike Huey."
Lionel Valencia - Print Manager for Solo Cup's Chicago Facility
"The improvements have allowed us to eliminate the need to hire temporary employees to maintain our anilox inventory. We now efficiently manage the inventory during normal working hours."
Bob Cizmar - Fort Dearborn
"Bill Poulson, Harper GraphicSolutions` NE technical advisor, set us up internally to manage the inventory on an ongoing basis ourselves. The return on investment was almost immediate".
Label House - Trinidad
"We greatly appreciate the work of Alexander James, Pre-Press Technician, with Harper GraphicSolutionsT. Alexander's contracted on-site prepress training was a critical part of raising the skill level and knowledge of our technicians. Having him on-site enabled our staff to receive training specific to our technology. Harper GraphicSolutions' technicians continue to be a valuable resource to Label House."
Charlie Zawde - Manufacturing Manager, Atlantic Envelope Company
" The Harper GraphicSolutionsT Programs have been a value-added benefit to our operation. John Lothrop; West Coast Graphics Advisor with Harper GraphicSolutions implemented two programs, the Anilox Tagging Program and the Anilox Verification Program. Since implementing the Anilox Tagging Program our anilox roll traceability is at 100%. At a glance we know the specific number, linescreen and volume of every roll due to the new tagging system. With the implementation of the Anilox Verification Program, Atlantic Envelope has seen a 15-20% reduction in downtime and eliminated credits attributed to printing problems. John Lothrop implemented the tools to allow our staff to manage the programs success internally for a return on investment that surpassed our expectations at the Atlantic Envelope, Hayward, CA facility."

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