Tagging Program
Anilox Tagging Program(sm)

This tagging system is designed to allow your pressroom management team to track the investment they have in their anilox rolls. This is a program that has been successful in helping others manage their anilox roll inventory.

Initially a Harper GraphicSolutions representative will come in and do a Step-UP Audit on all of your anilox rolls. He will physically number all anilox rolls so that the tracking number for that roll is easy to identify. Once the audit is processed, an inventory list will be developed. Then, the anilox roll tags are generated.

Use of the tagging system allows the press operator to know at a glance, what anilox roll he or she needs to install in the press or which anilox is in the press. This system helps operators be aware of the importance of Handle and Care for the anilox rolls they use. When that anilox roll is not in use, the tag is placed on the roll when it is in the storage rack. It will be there for easy access the next time it is needed.

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