Harper Corporation of America Announces Exclusive Harper Roadshow Event at DuPont Global Innovation Center

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Harper Corporation of America Announces Exclusive Harper Roadshow Event at DuPont Global Innovation Center

Published: 03.14.2024

Innovative Learning and Networking for Flexography Professionals


The Harper Roadshow at DuPont is set to offer a day rich with educational sessions and networking opportunities, focusing on the most recent developments in anilox engravings, flexographic workflows, and eco-friendly cleaning practices aimed at enhancing anilox roller inventory management. With the industry rapidly evolving, understanding these advancements is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.


Insights from Harper Corporation's Flexography Experts


The event will feature sessions led by esteemed flexography experts from Harper Corporation of America. These sessions will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including the latest in anilox manufacturing techniques, care and maintenance protocols, innovative anilox solutions, and much more. Attendees will receive practical knowledge and strategies to implement in their operations, aiming to improve efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality.


Opportunities for Collaboration and Sustainable Growth


Beyond the learning opportunities, the Harper Roadshow will facilitate networking, allowing attendees to engage with industry peers and leaders. This collaborative environment is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences, and solutions, enhancing the community's collective knowledge, and driving forward the industry's sustainable growth.


Participants will also explore sustainable cleaning solutions and best practices to optimize press room environments. Emphasizing eco-friendly operations, the event will showcase how sustainable practices can lead to better efficiency and product quality, aligning with the industry's environmental responsibilities.


Don't Miss This Transformative Event


Join us at the DuPont Global Innovation Center for a day that promises to empower your workforce and revolutionize your approach to flexographic printing. This exclusive Harper Roadshow event is a must-attend for those committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. Secure your participation by RSVPing at https://bit.ly/HarperRoadShow-DuPont.



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