Re-Leez ™ is a water-based ink cleaner specially formulated for fast & easy cleaning of narrow web presses, anilox rolls and all equipment. Using advanced surfactant technology, Re-Leez™ does not contain butyl based solvents or environmentally hazardous surfactants. Re-Leez™  contains unique corrosion inhibitors, is biodegradable and environmental friendly.

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Re-Leez™ Re-Leez™

The Re-Leez™ ink cleaner is effective in the removal of water based inks. Other benefits and product properties includes:

• Super Concentrated Formula.                                      

• Contains unique corrosion inhibitors.

 • Advanced surfactant technology.

• Great if used in combination with cleaning scrubbers. 

• Environmentally friendly:

           - Zero V.O.C’s

           - No butyl base solvents

           - Biodegradable



1.    Dilute 1 part Re-Leez to 30 parts water. For heave deposits, dilute 1 part Re-Leez to 10 parts water. May be  applied with a sprayer, brush or lint free rag.

2.    Rinse surface with water or suitable solvent.

3.    Wipe roll with a clean lint free rag. 



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Re-Leez™ 5 Gal


Re-Leez™ 55 Gal

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