SleeveWrak™ Family of Rolls

SleeveWrak™ Family of Rolls

SleeveWrak™ anilox roll racks are available in single and double layers and can hold from 12 large sleeves to 32 small sleeves.

Sleeves are stored in a vertical manner to minimize issues with weight enhanced imbalance. Additional guides and middle row available to increase anilox storage.

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SleeveWrak™ Family of Roll Racks SleeveWrak™ Family of Roll Racks
SleeveWrak<br />Double Decker SleeveWrak
Double Decker

Sleeves are mounted on fixed mandrel and with the heavy duty casters installed are easily maneuvered to the press. High impact chip resistant end plates prevent your roll ends from damage.



SleeveWrak™ Plus

Mid-Web SleeveWrak™ Cart

SleeveWrak™ Double Decker


SleeveWrak™ Enclosed Vertical Rack


The SleeveWrak™ Enclosed Vertical Rack is an oversize special plate sleeve storage system that has capacity to store up to 20 to 40 inch repeat by 100 inch or longer plate sleeves. They are modular and hold at least eight sleeves that can be accessed from either side with heavy-duty casters and securing straps.

EL SleeveWrak™ Easy Load


The  EL (Easy Loading) SleeveWrak™ stores sleeves in a vertical position to minimize the possibility of distortion to the sleeve itself. What makes the new EL SleeveWrakdifferent from the standard SleeveWrak, is the easy of loading and the locking mechanism of the top guide. It was also designed to help the anilox sleeve user  load sleeves that are heavier than 35 pounds and up to 70” in length. This model also features a full length rubber mat on the bottom plate to assist and prevent  the ends of the sleeve from becoming chipped.  The EL SleeveWrak™ can facilitate up to (12) sleeves and the EL SleeveWrakPlus™ can store up to (18) sleeves depending on the diameter.  Both models come with heavy duty casters and can be configured to accommodate most all anilox sleeve storage needs.

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