X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad

Developed by the HarperScientific division, the X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad is the most revolutionary way to remove stains from an anilox surface.  

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X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad

The X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad is the best development in anilox cleaning applicators since the stainless steel brush.The unique molecular structure boosts the cleaning power of the chemical and breaks down the layers of ink with each swipe.It can be applied to many different applications in your pressroom.



It is effective with Waterbased, Solvent, UV Inks & Coatings.Surface stains and blemishes on the anilox surface can be easily removed with the X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad.The X-Cel™ Stain Remover Pad is simply rubbed over the anilox stain until the desired outcome is accomplished.It can be used dry or use it with your favorite cleaner. * Do not use with bleach

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