Roll Master™ - 4 Sided Model

Allow the press operator to quickly find the anilox roll needed for the job.

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Roll Master™ - 4 Sided Model Roll Master™ - 4 Sided Model
Roll Master<br />4 Sided Model Roll Master
4 Sided Model
  • 4-sided structure to ensure stability and ease of use
  • Include heavy duty casters
  • Handles on all sided to allow you to pull rack away from any location
  • Safety Hooks cover your rolls with our EchoPro™ Roll Covers!

Custom made to your specifications or can be ordered from our standard sizes:

4-Sided Roll Master™ 2: Holds approx. 24 rolls, 12-24" Face Length

4-Sided Roll Master™ 3: Holds approx. 20 rolls, 36-45" Face Length

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