Ink Filter

Ink Filter

The ProFilter is a corrosion resistant, fiberglass reinforced ink strainer designed to house a HarperScientific Metal-Catch-It™ Large Magnet(sold separately).

The ProFilter traps steel particles and debris collected by your Metal-Catch-It™ Large Magnet. This unwanted debris then remains trapped in the 20 or 40 mesh strainer of your ProFilter until it is cleaned.

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Profilter Strainer Profilter Strainer
Engineered<br />Filtration On Press Engineered
Filtration On Press

Using the ProFilter in combination with the Metal-Catch-It™ Large Magnet will help keep your ink virtually free of debris.

Cleaner inks result in optimum print quality as well as assistance in anilox scoring prevention.

ProFilter Strainer has a 1.25" IPT.

Available with:

  • 20 Mesh Screen or 40 Mesh Screen
  • 20 Mesh Screen = 841 microns
  • 40 Mesh Screen = 419 microns
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