Duro-Brush™ Anilox Cleaning Brushes

Duro-Brush™ Anilox Cleaning Brushes

The Duro-Brush brushes features long lasting plastic handles.

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Duro-Brush™ Brushes Duro-Brush™ Brushes
Duro-Brush Brushes Duro-Brush Brushes

The Duro-Brush brushes are designed with tapered, extended life plastic handles that resist impact of water and pressroom chemicals.

Each bristle is engineered at .003" diameter to be able to penetrate the bottom of the cells. Available in stainless steel ( for ceramic rolls) ,  brass ( for chrome rolls).

Stainless Steel brush is for use on ceramic anilox rollers only.

Brass brush is for use on chrome anilox rollers only.

The Duro-Brush is also available in nylon for cleaning printing plates.

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