Multi-Purpose Master Mix

Multi-Purpose Master Mix


A new powder formula that mixes in water to conveniently pump through your entire press system to prevent ink clogging & remove potentially dangerous debris that may cause damage to the anilox roll.

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Multi-Purpose Master Mix Multi-Purpose Master Mix

The Multi-Purpose Master Mix is biodegradable, contains no caustic soda and is aluminum safe.

Use Multi-Purpose Master Mix to clean:

  • Anilox Rolls
  • Rubber Rolls
  • Printing Plates
  • Press Frames
  • Ink Pumps and pans
  • Doctor Blade Chambers
  • Ink Hoses
  • Concrete Floors

Tips for Using Multi-Purpose Master Mix

SAFETY FIRST! As with any cleaner, personal safety equipment, recommended by the MSDS sheet, must be used to protect personnel while using this product. Follow all directions for mixing and use. Gloves and eye protection are a minimum requirement.

Use Master Mix™ at recommended mixing ratio of 2 ounces of powder to 5 gallons of water for normal cleaning applications.

For extreme applications, such as pressroom floors, reduce the amount of water used to create a stronger formula for more aggressive cleaning. Allow Master Mix™ to soak into stained and dirty surfaces for more efficient cleaning. Surface may be slippery when wet, exercise caution, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

When mixing, use warm water to accelerate the dispersion of Master Mix powder and to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

Use Master Mix™ to clean anilox rolls, rubber rolls, printing plates, ink pumps, ink pans, ink hoses, doctor blade chambers, press frames, pressroom floors.

For heavily-soiled parts and surfaces, let Master Mix™ soak in (1-5 minutes) and penetrate to allow for easier cleaning.

For efficient cleaning when pumping ink, use Master Mix™ as part of an automatic wash-up procedure to clean the anilox roll and all related parts of the inking system. Use while ink is wet for best results. Initially, cycle times may be longer due to build-up of ink and debris in pumps and hoses. Once Master Mix™ has cleared this build-up, cleaning cycle times should be reduced to 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after wash cycles.

For cleaning parts and surfaces outside of the ink system, dispense Master Mix™ formula into a hand-held spray bottle for easy application and cleaning.

By using Master Mix™ on a daily basis, clean-up times will be reduced significantly thus increasing process efficiency.

If Master Mix™ works well for the daily clean-up of your pressroom, consider ordering it in the 55-Gallon drum size. You'll realize significant price savings over the 5-Gallon pail.

NOTE: When using a water based cleaner, it is best to thoroughly rinse the Anilox with water and always dry the roll properly.

Available in:

11 , 22, and 44 Packet Box


Multi-Purpose Master Mix with a gross weight of 36 lbs. with dispensing scoop


Multi-Purpose Master Mix with a gross weight of 450 lbs. with dispensing scoop

2 ounces of Multi-Purpose Master Mix powder will make 5 gallons of cleaner and 440 lbs (1 drum) will make 320-55 Gal drums!

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