UV Re-Leez™

UV Re-Leez™

UV Re-Leez™ is a cleaner specially formulated for cleaning UV inks on narrow web presses, anilox rolls and general cleaning.

The cleaner's advanced surfactant technology is exceedingly environmentally friendly, using no petroleum distillates or environmentally hazardous chemicals.

It is a biodegradable, low-vapor pressure and low-V.O.C. cleaner.

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UV Re-Leez™ UV Re-Leez™

UV Re-Leez™ can be diluted 10 parts of water to 1 part of UV Re-Leez™ for light cleaning, 5 to 1 for everyday cleaning and full strength for heavy cleaning.

UV Re-Leez™ is also safe and effective for ultrasonic tank use. A one-week soak test found that UV Re-Leez is non-corrosive for aluminum. For best results, mix UV Re-Leez with water at a ratio of one part cleaner to four parts water, and run the ultrasonic tank without heat. Without the heater, the ultrasonic vibration heats the cleaner to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit - a temperature that brings excellent results.

Cleaning Anilox Rolls:

The best technique to clean anilox rolls is to spray on the roll and let it sit for 5 minutes. The cleaner works better once it gets started. Then just use a rag and wipe or rub the roll down. Keep applying until no more ink comes off of the roll. If you spray cleaner on the roll and drag a white towel on the roll and see more ink coming out it is still dirty. Also brush agitation will speed up the process.

* UV Releez™ is also available in 1000 liter tote. Please contact us for pricing.

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